Hybrid 1012 (Macro Plastics)

Hybrid 1012
Hybrid 1012

The Hybrid 1012 is our most versatile plastic bin ever! It is exceptionally strong with a load capacity of 1,102 lbs (500 kg), perfect for the toughest harvest, handling, storage, or shipping applications. Ventilation can be configured for the specific application or can be completely solid.
Shown below is the fully ventilated version. Our new innovative columns are designed to act as bumpers, absorbing and recoiling impact to prevent breakage, greatly increasing the bin’s durability. This ultra- strong bin can also be stacked high with heavy loads. Column and feet inserts allow the bins to nest when empty and can then be locked into place permanently, or removed for returnable shipping and storage.

Features and Benefits
  • Softer walls with all rounded edges, and less sharp angles; better than any traditional plastic bin
  • Innovative perimeter geometry keeps walls from bowing out
  • Smart design keeps base from deflecting, and protects content
  • Wall taper prevents walls from one bin crashing against the walls of any adjacent bins. We call this the “Bruise Buffer Zone”
  • Smooth soft surfaces to protect fruit
  • Near 10% more ventilation than traditional plastic bins
  • Durable FDA-approved plastic
  • New column design absorbs and recoils any impact, instead of resisting impact and breaking
  • In a stack, the top bin doesn’t nest into the bottom bin. Instead, it is secured by lugs, which allows full use of internal volume and keeps the feet and strap of the top bin away from the contents below


Specifications for the Hybrid 1012
Load Capacity: 1,102 lbs (500 kg)
Volume Capacity: 39,045 cubic inches (640 liters)
Tare Weight: 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Maximum Stack Weight: 11,023 lbs (5,000 kg)
Molding Process: Injection Molding
Material: Virgin Polypropylene Resin
Approval: FDA-regulated material
Ventilation Slots: Customizable, from fully vented to completely solid
Fork Lift Entry: 2-Way, 4-Way with 2 Straps, or 4-Way with No Straps
External Dimensions: 39.37” (L) x 47.24” (W) x 31.1” (H) / 1,000 mm (L) x 1,200 mm (W) x 790 mm (H)
Options: Color Options, Stickers, Solid Injection Lid, Configurable Label Area
Internal Dimensions: Length: 44.54″/ 1131.4 mm Width: 37.43″ / 950.8 mm
Minimal Clearance: 32.06″/ 814.4 mm

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  • Hybrid 1012 - Stacked empty

  • Hybrid 1012 - Leg Assembly

  • Hybrid 1012 - Stacked full

  • Hybrid 1012 - Clamshells

  • Hybrid 1012