Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems GmbH

Tri-Wall Presence in the Land of Cars

Located near Graz, Austria, Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems GmbH joined the Tri-Wall Group in April 2015. As a specialized multi-material packaging provider established in 2008, Tri-Wall Austria supplies constructive packaging products and services for all supply methods including CKD, MKD, SKD, Free-Flow.

Additionally, Tri-Wall Austria provides logistic solution services to the automotive and aerospace industries as well as other industrial manufacturing sectors. Since the automotive industry ranks among the most important sectors in Austria, which is known as the “Land of Cars” and Graz as “Detroit of Alps”, Tri-Wall’s presence in this region will significantly improve its current business position in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems, GmbH
Address: Pirching 90 · A-8200 Hofstätten an der Raab
Firmenbuch: LG für ZRS Graz, Austria
Tel: +43 3112 38 121
Fax: +43 3112 38 121 13