Tri-Wall Japan

The Birth of Tri-Wall in Asia

In 1974, when Tri-Wall Pak was first introduced in Japan as a premium heavy-duty packaging material, it was the only corrugated product in the world with a brand name. By the time Tri-Wall reached Japan, it had already become synonymous with heavy-duty triple-wall corrugated in the US and Europe. During the height of Japan’s export boom, as it was earning a well-deserved reputation for the quality and consistency of its manufactured goods, the use of Tri-Wall packaging for Japanese exports played a significant role, ensuring that valuable components arrived at their global destinations in the same condition as they left the production line. As more and more Japanese companies relocated their manufacturing operations to neighboring Asian countries, Tri-Wall followed close behind, offering overseas Japanese manufacturers the same world-class quality and service that they had come to expect and rely on in Japan. Today, in addition to maintaining its core business in heavy-duty packaging, Tri-Wall in Japan has diversified its range of products and value-added services into other sectors, for example our unique, environmentally friendly line of corrugated funeral caskets.

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