Hong Kong

Tri-Wall Limited

Guiding The Tri-Wall Group from Hong-Kong

As the global economy has become more connected among countries, Tri-Wall has naturally shifted its focus from its original roots in Japan, to that of afar, expanding into China, Southeast Asia, India, Europe, and North America, which have all played an important role in contributing to Tri-Wall’s yearly double-digit growth. Tri-Wall Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2010 to provide head office support to its global subsidiaries and to oversee five regional holding companies: Tri-Wall China Group Holding Ltd. (all China operations), Tri-Wall SEA Group Holding Ltd. (all SEA operations), Tri-Wall Japan Company Ltd. (all Japan operations plus Tri-Wall Korea, Tri-Wall India and Tri-Wall Taiwan), Tri-Wall Europe Holding Ltd. (all Europe operations) and TW America Inc. Tri-Wall Limited and Hong Kong have become the Corporate center for Tri-Wall’s activities in Asia and beyond, reflecting Tri-Wall’s continued maturity and globalization.

Tri-Wall Limited
Address: 19/F., Chu Kong Shipping Tower, 143 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852- 2866-8803 Fax: +852-2866-8626