Pre-designed Products

Alongside our bespoke offering we have an enormous range of pre-designed corrugated packaging of all possible shapes, sizes and specifications. Many of these products have been developed for customers and retained as regular items that work across various industries.

In addition, we can produce packaging that fits various FEFCO Codes for standard packaging sizes, and we can also customise any of these designs to suit your particular products and business needs.



UN Dangerous Goods package

Pre-tested Packaging for the safe shipment of UN Dangerous Goods (4G & 4GV).
Safety Pack – 13 Unique off -the-shelf packs tested to Packing Groups I, II & III.

• Packing group I – High Danger
Shown on packaging as X
• Packing group II – Medium danger
Shown on packaging as Y
• Packing group III – Low Danger
Shown on packaging as Z

UKAS Accredited Test laboratory
Design resource for Bespoke Solutions

  • UN Dangerous Goods 1

  • UN Dangerous Goods 2

  • UN Dangerous Goods 3

Quick Box


TRICOR specializes in creating customized heavy duty corrugated packaging solutions for industrial use. By closely collaborating with customers from the beginning, the company reduces costs and manages risks effectively.

The Quick Box is a ready-to-use pallet box that meets the changing needs of modern supply chains. It offers easy handling, cost optimization for freight and storage, and a faster assembly process than a traditional pallet box. The Quick Box can be quickly assembled by simply pressing down on it, with the bottom closing automatically, and doesn’t require tape to secure the bottom flaps. It is available in standard industrial or Euro pallet sizes and is designed to meet your and your customer’s needs.

This sustainable, pre-assembled corrugated packaging solution is ideal for protecting, storing, and transporting large volume products. It is easy to access, offers great stability, and is stackable. With the Quick Box, you can save on manpower, freight, and storage costs, and have it assembled in no time.

Learn more at: Quick Box Tricor – A revolutionary heavy duty packaging solution

Tri-Wall Pak

Tri-Wall Pak on forklift

Materials: Corrugated fiberboard

Features: Its triple wall construction creates higher compression strength than wood packaging of equivalent size. It is in compliance with and approved by US Federal shipping regulations and specifications. It is the only corrugated product with a globally recognized brand name.


Tri-Wall Pak has 10 times the compression strength of conventional corrugated board. It is excellent for stacking during shipping and warehousing.


Though heavy-duty in its stacking and compression strength, Tri-Wall Pak is light in tare-weight. This feature is critical in substantially reducing air freight cost.

Minimum Packaging Size

By using one piece material, Tri-Wall Pak reduces overall package size when compared with wood packaging, thereby increasing load efficiency and reducing cost of truck and container shipments.



Materials: Corrugated/honeycomb plastic sleeve + plastic top and pallet

Features: Uni-Pak is a uniquely designed reusable/returnable packaging system. It consists of Tri-Wall Pak sleeve, plastic top and pallet. Tri-Wall also designs plastic returnable package which applying honeycomb plastic sheet as sleeve.

Tough Plastic, Tough Corrugated

Unique twin-sheet thermoformed construction makes Uni-Pak’s plastic tops and pallets exceptionally rugged and impact- resistant

Type Outer size (L x W x D mm) Inner size (L x W x D mm) Pallet size
A 1372 x 1118 x 715 1314 x 1060 x 517 55″ x 44″/MI
E 1372 x 1118 x 1075 1314 x 1060 x 877 55″ x 44″/MI
K 1220 x 1016 x 722 1150 x 945 x 514 48″ x 40″/SS
O 1220 x 1016 x 1018 1150 x 945 x 874 48″ x 40″/SS
Q 1320 x 914 x 722 1250 x 845 x 514 52″ x 36″/SS
S 1320 x 914 x 1082 1250 x 845 x 874 52″ x 36″/SS
R 1016 x 786 x 1018 946 x 716 x 874 40″ x 31″/SS
U-M 1470 x 1150 x 760 1400 x 1080 x 542 58″ x 45″/MI
U-S 1470 x 1150 x 722 1400 x 1080 x 514 58″ x 45″/SS
W-M 1470 x 1150 x 1140 1400 x 1080 x 922 58″ x 45″/MI
W-S 1470 x 1150 x 1082 1400 x 1080 x 874 58″ x 45″/SS
Y 1150 x 1118 x 722 1080 x 1050 x 514 45-1/4″ x 44″/SS
Z 1150 x 1118 x 1082 1080 x 1050 x 874 45-1/4″ x 44″/SS
mini Pak 740 x 590 x 595 690 x 540 x 430 29″ x 23″/SS
Twin Pak 1150 x 660 x 665 1080 x 590 x 465 45-1/4″ x 26″/MI
Special 1220 x 1150 x 1018 1150 x 1080 x 874 48″ x 45″/SS



Materials: Corrugated fiberboard + plastic bags + wooden pallet

Features: The EZ-BULK® is being used for variety of products ranging from chemical to food grade products and is also for the shipment and storage of non-hazardous liquid products. It has captured 1/4 market share in USA liquid packaging industry.

EZ-BULK® Applications

  • Adhesives
  • Apple juice
  • Butter milk
  • Cattle tallow
  • Coca-Cola
  • Cocoa
  • Coconut oil
  • Cod liver oil
  • Coffee
  • Cream, whipped
  • Dairy products
  • Detergents
  • Edible oils
  • Edible sauces
  • Eggs, frozen
  • Eggs, liquid
  • Fruit juice
  • Hair shampoo
  • Honey
  • Ink
  • Lemon juice
  • Lemonade
  • Liquid sugars
  • Lubricants
  • Maize sprout oil
  • Margarine
  • Marmalade
  • Mayonnaise
  • Milk
  • Mineral water
  • Mustard
  • Olive oil
  • Orange juice
  • Palm oil
  • Paraffin
  • Peanut oil
  • Pectine
  • Salad oil, animal
  • Salad oil, vegetable
  • Saltwater
  • Sauerkraut
  • Silicone
  • Soap, liquid
  • Sorbitol
  • Soy sauce
  • Soya oil
  • Starch
  • Tea
  • Tomato juice
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Tomato paste
  • Vinegar
  • Vaseline
  • Water
  • Form fit style bag liner

  • Air dunnage bag

  • Food grade valve

  • Ball valve

  • Cam lever couplings

  • Heating pad

  • Wooden pallet with corner cleats

  • Uni-Pak pallet

  • High tensile plastic banding and buckles

  • EZ-Bulk Applications

E-Star pack


Materials: Paper carton + elastomeric polyurethane film

Features: E-Star pack is durable and reusable. The boxes can be quickly and easily collapsed and folded, simplifying storage and saving space.

Elastomeric Polyurethane Film

E-Star pack’s flexibility and durability are due to the simple yet elegant Elastomeric Polyurethane Film cartridges that can “sandwich” items of almost any shape, suspending them firmly and securely within the pack. The film also protects from electrostatic dust contamination.

  • Printer

  • LCD Monitor

  • Spare Parts

  • Single Notebook PC

  • Multiple Notebook PCs

  • Chair

  • LCD Glass

  • Express Box

  • Clothes

  • Toolbox


Automechanika 2017

In addition to professional packaging service, we also devote ourselves to developing more environmental friendly and energy efficient products and designed various non-wooded POP display and office supplies made of corrugated sheet. With cutting machine, we can easily to handle all kinds of design.


Reasons to choose Tri-Wall POP Display

  1. Corrugated display is strength, light-weighted and easy to handle.
  2. It is made of compressed waste paper, which brings strong durability and can be used repeatedly. Therefore, it will significantly reduce the pollution and impact to the environment.
  3. It’s easy to dispose. In this way, customers can save costs, and improve efficiency.
  4. The surface can be printed all kinds of images and words. Engineers of Tri-Wall can design each display according to customer’s requests and add more creativity. Thus, Tri-Wall’s displays are more creative and attractive.
  • Reception Desk

  • Cardboard House

  • Brochure Stand

  • Rocking Horse

  • Living Room

  • Point of Sale display

  • Desk set

  • Fish

  • Exhibition Stand

  • Go Kart

PP hollow sheet

PP Hollow Sheet

Materials: Polypropylene

Features: Polypropylene hollow sheet (PP hollow sheet) is one of the packaging material which is most flexibly and widely used. The main component of the PP hollow sheet is polypropylene, which is a highly pure hydrocarbon, non-toxic, anti-chemical, combustible, no hazardous substances and environment friendly. In addition to paper products, Tri-Wall also has our own PP hollow board production line for providing the best packaging solution according to different situations.

Folded hollow board returnable box

We can design the returnable box which can be easily folded according to customer’s requirement. In this way, customers can reduce their transportation fee.

  • X-type Hollow Sheet

  • Hollow Sheet Bulk Shipping

  • Stacked Returnable Boxes

  • Hollow Sheet File Storage

  • PP hollow sheet

Paper Tubes

Materials: 100% recyclable paper

Features: To meet the market, we also manufacture 100% recyclable paper tubing for many different industries and applications.

  • Paper Tubes

  • Paper Tube Production



Materials: Corrugated/wooden/plywood/plastic/metal

Features: We also provide all kinds of pallets including corrugated paper pallets, wooden pallets, iron pallets, etc…

  • Metal pallet

  • Plastic pallet

  • Moulded plastic pallet

  • Plywood pallet

  • Wooden pallet


  • Pneumatic strapping tool

  • Corrugated box lock

  • Polyester strap

  • TW Circular Box Lock

  • Polyester strapping tool

  • Tri-Wall Nail

  • PP packing bundle

  • Shock absorber ball

  • Glue

  • Metal hinge

  • TW Square Box Lock

  • ET packing belt

  • Air bag