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Tri-Wall - Selling Innovation

Tri-Wall was invented and patented in the USA over fifty years ago by two brothers, one an engineering genius, the other a marketing wizard. Together they created not only the material – known throughout the world today as “Tri-Wall” – but also the intensely customer-service driven Tri-Wall Fabricator Network system. This system of creating a Fabricator Network in every country in which it operates, is what continues to differentiate Tri-Wall from all other packaging companies. From the late 1960’s Tri-Wall began to expand its operational outside of the US, first in the UK, followed in quick succession by Europe, Israel, Australia, and finally Asia, starting with Japan.

Along the way, Tri-Wall has led the packaging industry in the development of premium quality materials and handling systems that reduce costs and rationalize customer’s entire material handling flow. By adopting Tri-Wall solutions for their transport packaging, customers benefit from significant cost reductions throughout their material handling chain (time, labor, shipping, and insurance, to name just a few) while at the same time improving packaging performance, reducing damage, and reducing environmental impact. Tri-Wall Pak containers are custom designed and tailored to the customers’ individual products and needs, and are used to ship a vast array of automotive, electronic, chemical, and agricultural products. Tri-Wall packaging consistently outperforms government regulatory standards for transport packaging, and is used extensively in military transport and logistics operational throughout the world.

The secret behind Tri-Wall’s amazing growth into a product with worldwide brand-name recognition and trust can be summed up in one key concept: although we manufacture and sell one of the strongest packaging materials in the world, our real product is Innovation.