Fabricator Network


The Tri-Wall Group’s Global Network of companies and people is unique to the packaging industry, and what allows individual Tri-Wall companies to offer customers truly global service. Constant effort is made to ensure the timely exchange of information within the Group, and that customer’s needs or requests are responded to with speed and accuracy. Tri-Wall’s Global Network spans international borders and time zones to offer packaging and logistics solutions to customers worldwide, while the Tri-Wall Fabricator Network provides the most dependable and convenient domestic service to customers in their respective countries.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tri-Wall Limited plays a pivotal role in the global system, covering Asian, European and North American territories through subsidiaries of its five holding companies, Tri-Wall China Group Holding Limited, Tri-Wall Japan Company Limited, Tri-Wall SEA Group Holding Limited, Tri-Wall Europe Holding Limited and TW America Inc. (in Hong Kong).

Fabricator Network and Manufacturing

The highest quality packaging materials; endless pursue of good service.
Tri-Wall’s Fabricator Network provides flexible, round-the-clock delivery and service.

As a leader in the corrugated packaging industry, Tri-Wall’s goal is to provide the most convenient and customized service to each and every customer. This is why the company owns and operates more than 70 fabricators throughout Asia and Europe, with the number increasing yearly. Like a convenience store for packaging, a customer can order as little as a single customized box or packaging solution and have it delivered immediately or just in time. Tri-Wall owns and operates six state-of-the-art corrugating plants, four in China: Jiangsu, in the central-eastern region near the mouth of the Yangtze River; Fuzhou, close to shipping ports in the south-eastern part of China; Shanghai and Xinjiang. One in UK at Monmouth, Wales, and one in Thailand on the outskirts of Bangkok. These plants manufacture Tri-Wall Pak sheet, the essential material for all Tri-Wall packaging. The latest in European and Japanese corrugating technology is used to produce a world-class standard of heavy-duty triple-wall and double-wall. All six plants are equipped with modern, high-speed color printing and box making equipment.

In addition, Tri-Wall has smaller operations for the manufacture of corrugated plastic and components for the returnable Uni-Pak System, as well as ancillary paper products used in industrial packaging.

International Follow-up System

With its international operations and staff, the Tri-Wall Group offers customers expert global support for their goods and shipments. The International Follow-up System means that, at the customer’s request, Tri-Wall packaging engineers will provide door-to-door monitoring of trial shipments, assessment of shipping and handling conditions, and point-of-arrival inspection of goods at their destination. Through this process, quick and accurate modifications and improvements can be made to customers’ packaging.