S.C. Tri-Wall Romania S.R.L

A Rapidly Developing Market with Attractive Investment Opportunities

Romania, located in Eastern Europe, is a country with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and a growing economy. It shares borders with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Romania has a developing economy with a GDP of approximately $250 billion (as of 2021). Its pillar industries include automotive manufacturing, information technology, agriculture, energy, and tourism. The automotive sector, in particular, has been a significant contributor to Romania’s economic growth, with several major manufacturers establishing production facilities in the country. Romania is classified as an upper-middle-income country. It is a member of the European Union and has made significant progress in economic reforms and attracting foreign investment.

In recent years, Romania has been working towards modernizing its infrastructure, improving education and healthcare, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. With its strategic location, natural resources, and evolving economy, Romania presents opportunities for both domestic and international investors, positioning itself as an emerging market with significant potential.

S.C. Tri-Wall Romania S.R.L

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