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7th August, 2017

Tri-Wall Invests in Polish Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Packaging Materials

TPMS Polska

We are pleased to announce that Tri-Wall Limited has acquired 58% of the share capital in TPMS Polska Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of heavy duty packaging materials in Poland.

TPMS Polska has its head office and plant near Kraków, a city in the southern part of Poland, as well as subsidiaries in Germany and Slovakia, and mainly supplies packaging materials, such as heavy duty corrugated packaging for automobile component manufacturers. Its strength lies in designing, proposing, and delivering just-in-time the most appropriate packaging that meets customers’ needs by combining various types of materials.

The Tri-Wall Group carries out its business related to heavy duty corrugated packaging mainly in Asia and Europe. By having business locations in East Europe, where the demand for heavy duty packaging materials is rising with the increasing numbers of automobile component manufacturers in the region, Tri-Wall aims to strengthen its business base and further enhance its supply system to meet the various packaging needs in Europe.

Overview of TPMS Polska Sp. z o.o.

Address: ul. Ofiar Katynia 5, Kopanka 32-050, Skawina, Poland
Representative: Yuji Suzuki
Shareholders: Tri-Wall Group (58%) and others
Main business: Manufacturing and sales of heavy duty packaging materials
Net sales: 86.708 million złoty (approximately 2.6 billion yen) (actual sales in fiscal 2016)